boys at the mapalo orphanage

Our Mission

Our long-term mission is to provide a top preparatory eduction, balanced nutrition, and routine healthcare for the expressed purpose of sponsoring and graduating orphans to premier high schools and colleges in Zambia.

Sponsor a Child

All children diserve an education and nutritious food. You can make that possible by sponsoring an orphan of Mapalo.

Ways to Give

The children of Mapalo need your help! From pencils to computers and from mosquito nets to dormitories your generosity is what gives them Hope For Life.

African orphans with no previous education are now attending the premiere schools in their country

Natasha , Age 6
Elijah, Age 7
Lewis, Age 17
Cecilia, Age 14
Emmanuel, Age 8
John, Age 12
Rabecca, Age 9
Monica, Age 6
Moses, Age 7
Nelson, Age 11
Brian, Age 7
Memory, Age 14
Alice, Age 8
Auxiria, Age 12
Rosemary, Age 8
Issac, Age 8
Steven, Age 5
Beatrice, Age 8
Mary, Age 10
Boyd, Age 10
Isaac, Age 5
Jenipher, Age 8
Patrick, Age 13
Ernest, Age 13
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