The Story of Hope for Life

Profound loss and intractable poverty combined to name a small area of Africa “Worthless.” There, in 2005 in a village called Chipulukusu (meaning worthless) in northern Zambia, in the city of Ndola, we found 300 children living a life of bare — if any — sustenance, attending school in a building the size of a 2-car garage.

Orphaned by AIDS/HIV and other illnesses (which has claimed more than 15 million lives in sub-Sahara Africa the last 20 years), and with no support, they had no nourishment, no clothing, no school, no medicine, no clean water — no one, it seemed, to care, nothing to provide hope for their lives.

mapalo academy student We cared, though. And we believed we could provide hope for life. So, in 2005, we created this organization, Hope for Life. We are, simply, a group of concerned individuals committed to helping the children we met build sustainable lives — one child, one meal, one teacher, one water well, one life at a time. And using the nonprofit organization we formed, we can invite you to join us in making a very tangible difference in these 300 individual lives. None of them is worthless.

mapalo academy student Already, we have been able to give enough that the village was renamed Mapalo, which means “Blessing,” and the new school, which was constructed in 2006, Mapalo Morning Glow Academy. We have identified very basic needs: Children cannot concentrate or learn if they are starving; we supply each student a meal of 2,200 calories every day. And we have completed specific “capital” projects: building the new school; constructing a kitchen; digging three fresh water wells; furnishing the school; clothing the children; hiring teachers (there are nine now); even setting up a soccer field with goals.

One of our longer-term goals is to establish on-going relationships with these children and to provide scholarship funds to enable them to go to college, gain meaningful employment and work to reverse the devastation of disease and poverty in their homeland. We have embraced the African model of non-residential orphanages to keep from institutionalizing children and keeping them with their caretakers in a paternalistic culture.

How can you help? At base, to donate to Hope for Life is, literally, to Give Hope for Life. It is that simple. Every dollar you give provides aid to these children of Mapalo.

We offer a number of giving options to serve a variety of charitable visions and styles — from sponsoring an individual child with a monthly stipend that will feed, clothe, educate, and/or care for him or her; to making a capital donation to one of the on-going projects — the clinic, a well, building a wall for safety, and a block making business. We have also scheduled service trips to Ndola, Zambia to let you meet the children and work there on their behalf.

No child is worthless. Please join us. Give Hope for Life.

Sponsor a Child

All children are in need of an education and one good meal per day. By sponsoring one of these orphans you are making that possible.

Ways to Give

You can choose to give a one time gift that will go towards one of the following areas of your choice: child and teacher sponsorship, projects, general donations, and more.

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