Past Projects


The Beginning

• Purchase original building • Erect temporary ventilated classrooms to control spread of disease • Hire four additional teachers • Hire Cooking staff • Increase amount and quality of food each day • Provide financial accountability structure • Provide anti-malaria and dysentery drugs • Fundraising goal = $40,000

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Breaking Ground

• Acquire land for new school from Ministry of Education • Finish foundation and complete new school to roof level • Install sewage and septic systems • Organize board of directors for both Africa and America • Write bylaws for African and American boards • Secure book donations for school • Fundraising goal = $60,000

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The New School is Built

• Complete 3/4 of new school building, including new well and water tower • Provide education and certification for all teachers • Build caretaker's home and hire caretaker • Provide for partial director's compensation • Provide for director's transportation • Fundraising goal = $100,000

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Building of the New Dining Commons

• Finish 3/4 of Dining Commons • Provide for director's long-term salary • Design self-sustaining business plan and raise $10,000 capital • Purchase new desks, chairs, chalkboards, and cabinetry • School officially registered with minister of education — "Mapalo Morning Glow Academy" • Students begin preparation for government exams • Fundraising goal = $100,000

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We Install a Modern Kitchen

• Install new kitchen in Dining Commons • Complete punch list for school building • Dining commons completed • Landscape entire campus • Involve Impact Ndola volunteers • Complete profiles and photos for all children and staff • Register Give Hope for Life as non-profit organization • Begin new fundraising campaign based on sponsorship • Fund raising goal = $100,000 • Install Electrical Poles on Campus

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Children Excel on Government Exams!

• 90% of students pass government secondary exam • Raise 50% of capital for block-making business • Raise 50% of capital for completion of wall around campus • Hire communications director • 30 children sponsored via Internet • Plant Crops on New Campus Family Plot Farm • Finish punch list for Kitchen and School, including tile, paint and plaster • Fundraising goal = $150,000

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Mapalo Launches its First Self-Sustaining Business!

• Launch block-making business • Design and complete new website • Raise 100% if capital for boys ablution block • Raise remaining capital for block-making business • Raise remaining capital for completion of wall • Complete and enclose wash basin • Fundraising goal = $150,000 • 50 children sponsored via Internet • 25% of operations cost covered by student sponsorship

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Sponsor a Child

All children are in need of an education and one good meal per day. By sponsoring one of these orphans you are making that possible.

Ways to Give

You can choose to give a one time gift that will go towards one of the following areas of your choice: child and teacher sponsorship, projects, general donations, and more.

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